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Why Our Pizzas Are Simply Better

Why can customers taste the difference in our organic pizza with just one bite? Because at Pizza Man in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we use only natural ingredients to create it. Then, we bake it the old-fashioned way—in a traditional, Italian stone oven. When you dine with us, you'll sink your teeth into a top-quality pizza in line with both the Made-in-Italy tradition and the highest health, safety, and quality standards in America.

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Italian Excellence In Every Slice

We believe that behind every excellent pizza there is a special Italian philosophy: use only a few simple ingredients of the very best quality:

Italian, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - The extra-virgin olive oil, we use originates from the sunny Tuscan hillsides of Italy, which has an extraordinary quality.

Fresh Flour & Tomatoes -
Fresh tomatoes are always what we use, and we exclusively use Italian Suprema wheat four for the perfect pizza crust.
Cheese & Toppings -
Our Mozzarella is of supreme quality and is shredded daily, and we even offer Sicilian anchovies if you wish.
Olive Oil and Tomatoes

Rolling Out Dough

How We Make Our Amazing Crusts

Traditional pizza dough is made with unbleached white flour, but with increasingly health-conscious customers, incorporating whole wheat flour into the dough recipe is desirable. Using whole wheat flour helps add to the nutritional profile of pizza by incorporating healthier whole grain into the dough. The result is a crust with a subtle, nutty taste that creates wholesome homemade crusts.

While others choose to have an easier approach to their dough by freezing it or pre-sheeting it, Pizza Man does not use frozen dough or pre-sheeted products. We make our dough from scratch and "proof" it with no steps skipped when rolling or mixing it. We use nothing but the best and the highest-quality preparation process when making your pizza! Do you know of another Pizza place where you can see 50 lb sacks of flour stacked in plain sight?

Pizza Man Dough Facts

  • The diameter of the pizza after cooking is approximately 30 cm and the crust is 1-2 cm thick and wide, fully in line with Neapolitan tradition.
  • Our dough contains wheat flour, which makes it firm, elastic and easy to stretch out.
  • The tomato pulp is fresh and spread out manually after baking — this guarantees a more intense fragrance when it is prepared.

The Secret in the Back Room
Here are the key features of our preparation:

  • Our dough is "proofed" for 26 hours. This is not one of the "express" doughs used by our competitors. Their doughs are packed with raising agents and short proofing times (1-2 hours). Our dough is made using methods that require lengthy, "indirect" proofing for a higher quality.

  • A manual preparation of each pizza makes it possible to retain the beehive-like structure of the dough created during lengthy proofing.
  • The execution of cooking on a firestone is not easy, and we constantly clear off any residue.

  • The temperature management of our oven is not an accident. This means we produce pizzas based on precise quality standards, and we actually never let that temperature cool. We maintain a 24/7 oven consistency to deliver the highest quality in our temperatures
  • We have a complete separation between the combustion chamber and the cooking chamber. Unlike traditional wood-fired ovens for pizzerias, the wood used for combustion does not come into direct contact with our product. We use natural gas to heat the stone so it maintains a higher consistency with no ash or odor. Thanks to a patented heat management system, fumes are sucked out directly, totally cancelling out any potential harm.